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Leaf Plate

distributor of leaf plates in Hong Kong

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why leaf plates?


Compared with paper or plastic plates, from manufacturing to disposal, the leaf plate has minimal impact upon the environment.


The leaf flatware is made from the leaves of the maloo creeper vine—an abundant resource—with a smaller amount of recycled paper. The plates are fully biodegradable and compostable.

water resistant & sturdy

The leaves are coated with natural wax to make them water resistant. The plates have three layers—strong enough to support the largest servings. 

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Every piece is unique!
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it is more than a plate...

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Farmers collect the leaves.

They are cleaned and sun-dried.

The leaves are examined, and the damaged ones are discarded.

The leaves are then stitched.

The heat-pressing machine forms the leaves into the desired shape.

The plates are packed and shipped.

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